Play areas remain an essential requirement in the development of all young people.  Safe, clean, inclusive play areas provide a fantastic opportunity for children to build social skills, learn to evaluate risk, improve their fitness levels and most importantly have fun!

All of the parks and green spaces in Bromley are great places to visit and 67 of our parks have dedicated play spaces.  For older children there are six skateboarding facilities, ten multi-use games areas and a BMX facility.  For younger children we have 2 paddling pools that are open throughout the summer months.

You can find the nearest play space to you by browsing through our Park Finder.

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Maintenance and Safety

There are several types of playground inspections that are carried out to ensure that all play equipment is safe for use.

Daily Inspection – an early morning visual check carried out by our teams to ensure equipment is safe to use.

Quarterly Inspection – An in-depth inspection of all play equipment undertaken by our specialist playground contractor which delivers a more detailed report.

Annual Inspection – Carried out by an independent RoSPA registered inspector and an extensive report which contains a risk assessment for each play area.

If you encounter any problems with our playgrounds or discover any faulty equipment please contact our enquiries team.

Development and Fundraising

We continually strive to improve the standard and variety of the equipment in our play areas and our Community Managers, aided by our fundraising experts, support community groups with grant applications, sponsorship and crowdfunding initiatives.

If you are interested in helping to improve the play facilities near you please contact us and a member of our community team will be able to advise you how you can make a difference.