There are 52 allotment sites, which are supported by the independent Bromley Allotment and Leisure Garden Federation (BALGF) and the Bromley Leisure Gardens and Allotments Consultative Panel which includes Councillors, idverde UK Managers and members of BALGF.

In 2003 the Bromley allotments service was awarded the ‘Bledisloe Trophy’, by the National Allotment Association, for its outstanding contribution for the furtherance of allotments in the UK. The Bromley model was used as an exemplar in the central government publication ‘Growing in your community:“ a good practice guide for the management of allotments’.

There are allotments in virtually every part of the Borough with almost 3,500 plots. Different sites have varying facilities such as, club houses, toilets, car parking, BBQ pits and wildlife and conservation areas.  It’s not just about vegetables – a few sites have vines for wine production, whilst others have bee hives for making honey. Many plots have lawns and permit cut flower production.  Do be aware that some popular sites have waiting lists. If you are interested in getting an allotment please contact the site directly or via the Bromley Allotment and Leisure Gardens Federation website (

In addition to individual use of allotments, a community site can be found at Brook Lane in Plaistow for sowing, growing, harvesting and cooking healthy food for nearby schools and local residents.  idverde staff and stakeholders work with the broader community and include training on biodiversity and food preparation.

idverde oversee this management and provide guidance, expert knowledge and support to all associations as well as interested members of the public.

idverde allotment team can be contacted to give advice on the following:


Public information

Who to contact if interested in having a plot on a site

If you are interested in getting an allotment please contact the site directly or via the Bromley Allotment and Leisure Gardens Federation website (

Allotment waiting list and vacancies

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Leisure and community garden information

Brook Lane Community Garden is now a thriving wildlife and growing space at Plaistow near Bromley Town centre.  It was an abandoned allotment site which had turned into a dumping ground.  Four tons of fly tipping was removed from the site, areas were cleared, wildflower meadows, orchards and wetland habitats were created in partnership with the community, local school children and Bromley Nash students, (young adults with severe learning difficulties). With the help from these groups this has now turned into a beautiful haven for wildlife and a growing site for educating the benefits of growing your own food and giving nature a helping hand in return for nature providing the predators to see off the garden pests that invade the growing spaces.  For more information or advice on setting up community gardens contact idverde’s local Community Manager.

Plot holders information

Boundary fence issues and repairs

Damage to Bromley owned fencing on allotment sites can be reported to Encroaching vegetation from allotment site to residential garden complaints should be reported to individual site associations. Their contacts can be found on the Bromley Allotment and Leisure Gardens Federation website.  Allotment tree enquiries can be reported to the London Borough of Bromley’s tree team via the council’s help desk number 0208 464 3333. The keeping of chickens and other wild fowl enquiries should be directed at individual allotment associations which have their own rules and regulations on this issue.  Their contacts can be found on the Bromley Allotment and Leisure Gardens Federation website

Funding applications for allotment site improvements

There are many ways of improving site facilities, access and helping with security at your site. Funding avenues have become popular and easier processes to gain funds for compost toilets, community buildings, footpath improvements, tools, allotment events and improved security for the site. If you would like further information, advice or help applying for funding please contact idverde’s Fundraising Manager Amy Rogers on 0208 460 1406 or email

Local community engagement

Involving the local community in projects on allotments can offer many benefits. Community volunteers can help plot holders maintain plots that have become overgrown due to holders becoming ill or unable to physically keep their plots cleared. Doing nature projects with local schools and communities can ensure that the maintenance of these areas are kept up and aids with promoting the allotments and also helps with funding applications. Working with and communicating with local residents helps keep vacancies low and neighbouring disputes at a low level. If you are interested in engaging your local community on your allotment site please contact your local idverde Community Manager.

idverde Allotment Biodiversity Champion Programme


idverde’s Allotment Biodiversity Champions scheme is an initiative to support BALGL allotment holders to promote biodiversity within their allotment site and on their plots. 2021 Project overview Bromley Allotments.

Species Sightings

Species sightings can be submitted using the form below


Useful links

Bromley Allotment and Leisure Gardens Federation website.

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Federation of City Farms and Community Gardens

Benefits of Allotment Gardening

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