Crystal Palace Compass Trail




Session Outline

Our compass trail is the perfect activity to help you explore Crystal Palace Park at your own pace.  Arrive between noon and 2pm to receive your compass and a 5 minute ‘how to use’ guide and then you are left to your own devices to follow the direction markers around the park. By the end of the activity you will be a navigational whizz!

The activity allows you to follow a particular route through Crystal Palace Park and learn about its history along the way. Complete our quiz sheet to win a sweet treat.

The walk should take 45 minutes for adults to 2 hours at a leisurely pace, so we recommend ages 6+ or the more energetic smaller walkers take part.

Session Pricing

£5 per compass and quiz sheet

Session dates and times

Friday 29th July

Friday 19th August

All sessions allow you to pick your compass up between 12 noon and 2pm. Please return your compass by 4pm. Collect from outside the visitor centre, which is next to the public toilets at the Penge entrance to the park, near Brown and Green cafe.

Directions and Parking

The park is accessible:

By train
The park is a short walk from Crystal Palace Station or Penge West Station.

By bus
Routes serving the park and its surrounding area include 3, 122, 157, 202, 227, 249, 322, 358, 363, 410, 417, 432, 450

By car
Free parking is available at the Thicket Road, Anerley Hill and Crystal Palace Park Road entrances to the park but it does get busy.

What to wear and other information

The session will take place outside so please wear appropriate clothing.  The session will involve some walking, not all paths are suitable for buggies and wheelchairs on the full route but a shortcut is available.

For more information call 01689 860571 or email

Additional information


Friday 29th July, Friday 19th August