Bug Club 2024


Join our experienced animal handler Spider to come up close to a different species each week, they will have the chance to learn about their care, lifecycles and handle them.


Join our experienced animal handler Spider to come up close to a different species each week, they will have the chance to learn about their care, lifecycles and handle them. Each child will get their own booklet which they can add to week on week and learn basic animal care skills. They will get a care sheet each week and the chance to ask our bug expert any questions about bugs they keep at home. The session runs from 13:00 – 14:00

For our Christmas deal if you purchase 12 sessions you get the last three for free! Meaning you get 15 sessions for the price of 12.

Book on early to avoid disappointment maximum of 15 participants!

Ages from 5 -12yrs.

Session and animals covered:

15 sessions in total!

06/01/2024 Introduction week: Meet the team and learn the basics for caring for animals, we will then tread through the forest to hunt for our native species.

13 /01/2024 Cockroach Week: Meet over three different cockroach species and learn the importance of them to our planet and how they get the reputation for being indestructible!

20/01/2024 Mantis Week: Meet our two mantises Thor and Loki! Get the chance to have a go at feeding a mantis and see the true power of these mini predators!

27/01/2024 Cricket/Katydid Week: Meet Cinderella and Prince Charming our two Giant Thorny Crickets and one of our Giant Hooded Katydids! Listen to their fantastically loud calls and see them show of their impressive jaws, which our the strongest in the animal kingdom compared to their body size.

03/02/2024 Snail/slug Week: Meet our Giant African Land Snails adult and babies, also the chance to meet the pancake slugs. Understand why they are super slimey and the importance of managing their breeding.

10/02/2024 Crab Week: Meet our vampire and hermit crabs! Learn how we provide both fresh and salt water to meet decorate some shells for our growing hermit crabs!

17/02/2024 Beetle Week: Beetles have a long life cycle, spending most of it as grubs. Get the chance to meet both babies and adult beetles of three different species!

24/02/2024 Scorpion Week: Meet Green Goblin our beautiful Giant Asian Forest Scorpion! Learn how we identify the safety of scorpions by claw and tail size. Get the chance to see her beautiful skeleton shine under UV light.

02/03/2024 Ant Week: Ants our incredibly clever and have the ability to protect and fight off animals much larger then themselves. Learn about their complex social life with our captative carpenter ants, (we cannot handle these for H&S reasons). After we’ll go on a bug hunt to find native ant nests and identify key species!

09/03/2024 Stick Insect Week: There are over 10,000 different species of stick insects! We hold just over 13 at the center which we will meet and learn about their dietary requirements by hunting for their favorite food, including bramble, oak and hazel!

16/03/2024 Isopod Week: Woodlice go by so many names, they are essential to any ecosystem. We will learn about their importance and meet over five different species at the center including the Panda King and Dairy Cow isopod! This week will have the chance to create a micro habit and take some isopods home as pets.

23/03/2024 Millipede/ Centipede Week: Learn the difference between millipedes and centipedes, have the chance to practice creating an enclosures perfect for our millipedes. Meet our lovely Giant Olive Millipedes and see our Giant Cameroon Centipede Thanos (we do not handle the centipedes).

30/03/2024 Lepidoptera Week: Meet some beautiful butterflies and moths! See the caterpillars and open the moth trap with us to see what spectacular native species we can see!

06/04/2024 Spider Week: Get an up close look at a range of spider species, from our jumping spiders, wandering spiders, wolf spiders and orb weaver spiders! Go on a bug hunt and find some of our beautiful species around site.

13/04/2024 Tarantula Week: The big finale everyone has been waiting for! The chance to look at over ten different tarantula species! From our big bird eater Captain Marvel to our beautiful Antilles Pink Toe Wanda all the way to our baby tarantulas. Get the chance to handle our three big beautiful tarantulas including Willow, Mandalorian and Brighton!


Directions, Parking and Transport

Bug Club is at BEECHE visitor centre (next to Green Roof cafe), we are open throughout the day on Saturday, you are welcome to arrive early and we have activities like colouring in and puzzles whulst you wait. Each ticket provides you free access to the bug section so you can look around at the bugs you will meet whilst you wait.

High Elms country Park, Shire Lane, Farnborough BR6 7JH

What to Wear

The session will be based inside inside our Darwin Classroom.

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